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Filter Coffee

I like coffee since childhood. I learnt how to make Filter coffee from my mother.My husband also is coffee lover. So my coffee liking continues to influence my present home as well.

Filter coffee powder is different from instant coffee powder. In India, Filter coffee powder is sold in coffee shops and in grocery stores. What makes the filter coffee powder unique is the proportionate mixture of ground roasted coffee beans with powdered chicory. Chicory enhances the taste and the smell of coffee.

The filter coffee is made using an instrument called the coffee filter. The filter brews coffee into a fine dicoction.
The coffee filter is made of two cups:(upper one fits onto the lower one.)
1. Upper cup is like a filter(with pierced base) for filtering out the brewed coffee. The upper cup usually comes with a lid and
2. Bottom cup to collect the decoction(brewed coffee)
Today i will show you how to make Indian filter coffee.

I have used a traditional brass coffee filter here, but these days everyone uses stainless steel coffee filters, because they are cleaner and easier to maintain.
The assembled coffee Filter

The lid is removed and the filter Coffee powder is poured into the upper cup(4 table spoons for 6 cups of coffee)

Boiled water is filled into the upper cup…
Filtered Coffee Decoction(brewed coffee) gets collected into the lower cup in 5 min
Coffee decoction is poured into a brass tumbler.(usually 1/4 volume of the tumbler)
Boiled milk is poured into the remaining volume and mixed. Sugar is added based on personal preference.
Filter coffee is ready!!!